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The Bacon & Gammon Story

All our bacon and gammon is dry cured and English. Because they are prepared in this traditional way you do not have to boil off excess fluids before they start to cook properly. All bacon and gammon is packed on the morning of delivery so when we say it is fresh you can be sure it is.


In what quantities are the Bacon and Gammon available?

They are packed by the kilo. This means 30 to 36 rashers per pack for the bacon and between 5 and 9 steaks for the gammon. Bacon and Gammon can be stored successfully in the fridge for up to a week or both can be frozen for storage.

Will I get that white froth coming off my Bacon and Gammon when I cook it?

No you won’t. That particular phenomenon is a product of the mass production of Bacon where it is produced by curing in brine. This is a very rapid way of curing but the down side is that the brine is quite acid to taste so they have to add milk powder to it to neutralise the acidity and this what you see bubbling off when you first start to cook this inferior bacon. Of course the brine also soaks into the bacon making it more dense so when you buy it you are actually paying for a higher proportion of salty water. Our Bacon will cook properly with better flavour and without as much weight loss.

The Sausage Story

The sausages we currently supply are made to order for us. They are currently available in 4 different flavours. We are hoping in the near future to be able to start manufacturing our own sausages and in this instance we will then be able to offer a wider range of flavours for you to enjoy. ALL sausage are packed on the morning of delivery so when we say they are fresh you can be sure they are.


What flavour sausages do you supply?

Currently we are able to offer 4 flavours. These are Traditional Lincolnshire, Old Fashioned, which is a mild celery and rosemary flavour, Spring Onion and Leek and a High Meat content. We also do a Gluten Free sausage.

Can I buy less than 4lb of sausages?

As part of an order we will be happy to supply a 2lb pack of sausage.

Do I have to have just one flavour of sausage in each pack?

No you can mix the flavours up to 4 different ones in each pack to suit your needs.

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