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The Beef Story

All our Beef is supplied for us by a traditional butchers who supply only Lincolnshire reared meat. They hang all the Beef for a minimum three weeks. This means you can be sure the cuts you buy will be extremely tender and cook with minimal weight loss. All items are packed on the morning of delivery so when we say they are fresh you can be sure they are.


In what quantities is the Beef available?

They generally come packed by the kilo but roasting joints can be supplied in increments of 0.5 kilo to suit your requirements. Generally a kilo of meat will serve approximately 6 portions.

The Beef prices look expensive. Why should I pay that much more?

We do not believe our prices are excessive, although they may look more expensive than some of the cheaper products available in the supermarkets you will probably find they are better value for money. All our cuts are from prime stock, which gives better meat to start with. When the stock is hung they do lose weight through the loss of fluids. This leaves a better piece of meat for you to cook. Generally you will find as well as a much better flavour you will get less shrinkage when cooking and actually be able to serve more portions per kilo compared to cheaper meat.

Can you say exactly which farm has supplied the Beef?

Yes we can. On a weekly basis we know exactly which Lincolnshire farm the stock was raised.

How many steaks do you get to the kilo?

When first ordering steaks we suggest you have the standard portion control cut which will give you 4 steaks of approximately the same size as you would get in a restaurant. If subsequently you would like a larger or smaller steak just ask for the number you require and we will have them cut to your requirement.

Do you supply more unusual cuts? Things like pigs fry, liver, veal etc.

Yes we can supply pretty much any cut you want. If it is not on the menu it is because we had to limit the number of products purely for space reasons. So if there is anything you would like that is not listed please just ask.

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