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Chicken Breast Fillets

Superb 7 to 8 oz skinless and boneless Chicken Breasts. Supplied fresh tray wrapped in two's ready to freeze.

All prices are per kilo except where stated.

6 Breasts (3 trays of 2) just £18 about £5.66 per pound
10 Breasts (5 trays of 2) just £26 about £4.80 per pound

Guaranteed no added water or chemicals. No excessive shrinking when cooking.

About the same price as the supermarket but much better quality

Chicken Breast

The Chicken Story

All our chicken is guaranteed to have no water or chemicals injected in it therefore you get less shrinkage when cooking and better value for money. All Chicken is packed on the morning of delivery so when we say it is fresh you can be sure it is.


Is your chicken free range/organic?

We cannot say it is. It is our belief that truly “free range and organic” produce is generally not available in this country except from very small producers. The reason for this is that it takes a lot longer to rear true free range chickens and that this cannot be achieved on a scale that would allow a large supplier to have continuous supply of quality product. We believe that what is marketed as “free range” in this country may well fulfil the legal requirement to be categorised thus but that this is a marketing tool employed by large suppliers to charge more for product which is treated the same way as ordinary chicken after slaughter i.e. it is injected with water.

Does your chicken have water or chemicals injected into it?

When the company first started in business in 2004 we just supplied fish with the intention of supplying a range of other products that were as close to the fish as possible i.e. the fish, is caught, it is cut up, we pack it then it is delivered to your door for you to cook.

The first product we wanted to add to our range was chicken of course because it is the most consumed meat in the country. So our search began we went to some local poultry producers both locally and further a field and were shocked to find that what we were offered as "free range" product was not what we had imagined i.e. free ranging birds with a possibly slightly supplemented diet but essentially feeding naturally.

What we found was that “free range” is not what we believed it to be and we nearly gave up on finding a decent supply of chicken that we could be confident hadn’t been processed after slaughter. We happened to meet a man who you might call a “chicken agent”. He trades poultry all over Europe and he gave us some chicken to try, which he promised had no water or chemicals added after slaughter. We took them away and cooked them and found that no water came out of them when cooking and that they retained a better proportion of their size than the smaller breasts you buy at the supermarket with added water. We tried them with some of our existing customers and found a 100% approval.

The chicken we supply is reared in Holland and is brought into this country every day. Ideally we would have liked to supply local Chicken but unfortunately we were unable to find any which, we felt, lived up to the high standards our customers expect and deserve. The reassuring thing about the chicken we supply is that we understand the Dutch raised there poultry industry to the ground in the mid 90’s because of a major fowl pest outbreak and they have therefore some of the most up to date poultry farms in Europe, if not the world.

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