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Prepared Fish Products

All the following products have been taste tested by a number of our exisiting customers and have come out with high or excellent marks for all. They are supplied frozen and in the quantities shown.

All prices are per kilo except where stated.


Cod Cakes 24 to a box just £14
Salmon 24 to a box just £14
Breaded Wholetail Scampi (2 x 454g) £16
Stixs x 64 £14

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The Fish Story

All our fish is bought on the morning of delivery. It comes from Grimsby the premier fish market in the North of England. Our buyers buy your fish for you early in the morning , we clean it, prepare it and then pack it in ice . We then deliver it to you that afternoon so when we say it is fresh you can be sure it is.


I currently buy my fish from the fish man who comes in a van every week. Is your fish better than his?

The simple answer to that is that there is a good chance our fish comes from exactly the same place as his. The difference between what we offer and what they offer is more to do with you being sure that you are getting what you pay for i.e.”fresh fish” and that you are paying an appropriate and fair price.

The fresher fish is the better it tastes and the way that we do business guarantees that your fish will be as fresh as it can be. With a speculative business such as the man in the van or the wet fish shop they have to buy fish speculatively as they can never be sure exactly how much they will sell. The common sense thing to do for these businesses is to buy a little more than might be sold that day as there is no sense in missing a sale because you have no stock left. Therefore a speculative business is more often than not going to have stock from a previous day for sale. Do you want to risk being the customer who pays for fresh fish and gets fish which is at least a day old?

The other thing about the fish van man is that he has charge a higher price than we do, if he is buying the same quality of fish. He still has to travel the same distance to your door and because he is charging for a single portion but he has the same costs involved in delivering as we do he has to charge proportionately more to cover those costs.

I buy my fish from the supermarket when I “fancy some”. Why should I use your service?

Because we supply only the freshest fish, which you can easily portion and freeze if you have a little fish from us every 6 weeks anytime you “fancy some” fish you will have it to hand. If you freeze our day fresh fish on the day of delivery it will store for up to 8 weeks with no noticeable change in its flavour or texture. After that any changes happen slowly so if you eat it within 12 weeks it is highly unlikely you will be able to tell the difference between de-frosted fish and the piece you had the day we delivered it. Supermarkets cannot supply truly fresh fish because their distribution systems do not allow it.

I only eat fish once a week. Won’t buying 1 kilo at a time be too much for me?

In general no, 1 kilo which is 35.2 oz in old money is the equivalent of approximately 6 average portions an average portion being approx 6 oz. So a kilo is probably about the perfect size for you to buy to cover your fish requirements for the next six weeks. Obviously if there is more than one person in the household and they eat fish you need to buy approximately 1 kilo for each person if you are going to eat fish once a week.

Can I buy less than a kilo of fish from you?

No unfortunately, we would like to be able to do that but one of the reasons our customers like us is that we supply very good quality products at very competitive prices. Now all the products that we supply must be properly packaged and that obviously costs to do that. If we were to supply smaller quantities they would still have to be packaged but the packaging cost would be proportionately much higher. This would distort our prices and we would not be able to be as competitive on price as we are. All our products are supplied in packs that represent approximately 6 portions or 1 portion per week.

I only have a small freezer or limited amount of space in my freezer. How do I fit the fish in?

A kilo of fish when portioned and individually packed will take up easily less space than half a loaf of bread. Is there something in your freezer you can use before the delivery day to make room for a small amount of fish.

Where does your salmon come from?

Our Salmon is not intensively farmed in sea tanks. It is Loch Bred which is a more natural way of farming Salmon. About the same as what you might imagine free range to be. Our Salmon are still fed but not with the high colourant feeds used in the very intensive farms.

Is your Smoked fish available without colouring?

Yes it is. We use a smoke house which has been established for over a 100 years and they still smoke in the traditional way. However they have also evolved to cater for modern tastes and do produce un-coloured smoked fish.

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