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Traditionally Reared Pork

Supplied by our Master Butcher. Cut to order for you. Traditionally reared Pork now available.

No added water or chemicals to ensure the best flavour and texture for the meat and minimizes weight loss during the cooking process therefore increasing value for money.

All prices are per kilo except where stated.

We charge by the kilo some weights may vary slightly but we charge a fixed price. i.e. order 1kg Pork Chops at £15 per kilo. Actual weight delivered 1.02kg charge = £15. There can be small variations down as well as up.

General Cuts

Mince £12
Diced Pork £16
Pigs Fry £11

Grill Cuts

Belly Pork £14
Chops £18
Loin Steaks £19


Kidney £11
Liver £10

Roasting Joints

Leg (Boned & Rolled) £17
Loin £20

Product FAQS

Pork Joint

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