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The Pork Story

All our Pork is guaranteed to have no water or chemicals injected in it therefore you get less shrinkage when cooking and better value for money. All Pork is packed on the morning of delivery so when we say it is fresh you can be sure it is.


Where does your Pork come from and is it free range?

The Pork we supply is actually sourced through the same place as the Chicken. It however comes from Poland. It is an excellent value and versatile joint of meat. Suitable for steaks, roasting or general use it has excellent old fashioned flavour and generally cooks moister than the Pork on sale at the supermarket. We believe this is because the Polish farming industry tends to lag behind our more modern, sterile and intensive production processes.

Can I get crackling from your Pork if I roast it?

No, not in the traditional sense. We supply the Pork without skin, which is the normal source of crackling. To add some crackling type texture to your Roast Pork. Cook the Pork as you would normally and then for the last 10 minutes put the oven up to full. This will crisp the fat that is on the outside of the Pork. It’s not “real” crackling but it does add an extra texture.

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