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29th March 2020: Be one of the first to experience our new Online Store. Please contact us should you experience any difficulties.


The following Shellfish are always available and are supplied frozen except where stated. As "Local Shellfish" becomes available throughout the year we can supply it to you at the market price of the time.

All prices are per kilo except where stated.

Cockles 1kg £19
Crevettes 1kg £23
Dressed Crab ea (min4) £6
Langoustine 1kg £34
Lobster Fresh 1kg £65
Mussells 2 x 454g £14
Oysters ea (min 10) £2
Scampi 2 x 454g £26
Squid Rings 2 x 454g £14


Peeled 1kg £21
Shell On 2 x 500g £14


King 800gm £20
Tiger 800gm £23


King kg £21

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